Rose gold reef knot rings can be ordered in 9ct or 18ct gold depending on your personal preference. Eternity rings can be ordered in 18ct Red or 18ct Yellow gold with multiple stone options including Emerald, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire.



 Tara's love of enamelling - one of the most versatile, long lasting and colourful of all decorative metalwork techniques - stems from childhood memories of watching her father mix the colourful glazes for his ceramic sculptures. 

Over the years she found herself fascinated by the jewel-like quality of antique guilloche charms and began collecting them, finding inspiration in their precise, machine engraved patterns of interlaced, swirling lines overlaid with translucent enamel. This process creates a stunning shimmering effect akin to fine silk or butterfly wings.

One of her favourite examples of this intricate enamelling technique is the medallion of St Christopher, patron saint of travelers. Friends would frequently ask Tara for these and eventually her collection dwindled, leading her to reproduce her own impression of these vibrant treasures. The beautiful variations inherent in this authentic enamelling technique allow for imperfections, giving Tara's charms a life of their own.

 Other charm options include Sleeping beauty Turquoise drops, wild pearl pendants and enchanting stones: an endless and alluring variety of magical sea gem charms. The possibilities are infinite.